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Why Use Inquiry?

Inquiry is like your own little consulting platform. People can discover your profile and ask you a question. You have full control over who you want to respond to, and you can set rates for answering those messages. Here’s how Inquiry works for you:

Make Money

Earn Money

You’ve worked hard to learn what you know. Set your price for giving thoughtful answers and solving problems.

Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Reach

Inquiry is a marketing tool that helps you grow your audience. Inquiry allows you to collect email addresses from people who message you.

Simplified Messaging

Simplified Messaging

Inquiry at its core, is built around communication. Lend your knowledge and connect with your audience with a unified inbox.

Build a Reputation

Build a Reputation

Become the go-to person in your industry and earn valuable ratings from those you help.

Fuel Your Passion

Fuel Your Passion

Lend a helping hand to enthusiasts in your industry who share the same interests as you.

Empower People

Empower People

Sharing what you know will enable people to learn new things, be successful, and thrive.

How Inquiry Works

Inquiry’s Features

  Create Your Own Profile

Inquiry allows you to enable a public profile where you to add a profile bio, a set of skills, and a place to link to your website. The question form also lives on your profile so that people can send you messages.

  Collect Email Addresses

When a person sends you a message, there is an option for them to opt-in to receive emails from you. You can export a list of emails from your Inquiry dashboard and add them to your email marketing.

  Ratings and Reviews

After you have helped answer a question for someone, they can leave a star rating and review for your profile. This will help build trust with others and make you a more desirable expert.

  Set Your Price

You decide how much your knowledge is worth. Inquiry allows you to set a single price, a price range, or you can even answer questions for free.


Inquiry gives you a single inbox for answering questions and any messages that come from your expert profile.

  Fast Payouts

Once you start earning money with Inquiry, payouts can reach your bank account or debit card in as little as two days.


Every Inquiry profile will be visible in our directory of experts. Users who are new to Inquiry can discover you by visiting the browse experts page.

  Profile Embed Code

Your profile doesn’t have to live just inside Inquiry; we provide an HTML code snippet so that you can embed your profile on your website or blog.

  Email Notifications

No need to monitor your Inquiry inbox at all hours. Get notified by email when a new message arrives in your inbox.

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